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Will you learn our First Dance?

Of course - I'm happy to learn any first dance, or, alternatively, download it and play the original via the laptop.

How long will you perform for?

Either 2 x 60 mins or 3 x 40 mins are my usual set times - happy to do more or less if you would like.

Are you insured? What about your PA equipment?

I am an insured musician - I have Public Liability Insurance of up to 1 million and each of my items worth over £50.00 has been insured. This is renewed automatically. Each item has also been PAT tested. If you or your venue require proof, I am happy to send certificates.

What happens between your sets?

Between my sets, I have laptop controlled DJ Music with 1,000 + pre loaded songs to play to keep the dance floor going! I'm happy to take song requests and, if connected to wi-fi, can download your guests favourite song there and then. Some clients prefer to have their own device for playing their favourite playlist - I'm happy to connect this through my PA system - some send me their favourite songs - I'm happy to download these in advance.

Do you offer any alternatives to accompany your vocals?

The answer is... Yes! Obviously high quality backing tracks is my usual accompaniment, but I also work with guitarists, percussionists & pianists - I also play the guitar myself as well so would be able to offer my services as a singer/acoustic guitarist - if you would prefer any of these as music instead then this of course can be arranged & discussed.

I'm not even looking for a singer - do you just offer a DJ Service?

Of course! Every event is specifically tailored to you. I'm happy to sing for 2 hours, or 1 hour, or not at all. Any time I'm not singing I'll be your DJ for the night. If you just wanted to book me as a DJ then this would be absolutely fine & I would be very happy to sort this out for you - I have over 1,000 pre downloaded songs & can take requests there and then!

Where would you travel to?

I'm based on the Suffolk/Essex border, however, I drive and own a car and am happy to travel anywhere in the UK or abroad! Please bear in mind that the further away from my base, the higher the price, due to fuel cost and travel time.
If your event location is over 2 hours 30 mins for me to travel, especially if the finish time will be past midnight, this is absolutely fine, however, I would very much appreciate it if basic accommodation might be able to be provided, so I can travel back the following morning.


What about payment? How much do you charge and how do we pay you?

My minimum charge for local gigs is £250.00. However, every single event is different depending on your needs and requirements, which will ultimately affect your quoted price. I will invoice you for payment if you require & for all BACS transfers.
And a BACS transfer before the event or cash or cheque on the night are all fine by me - which ever is more convenient to you.

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